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This is the worst case. But if you do everything right, you can even feel some pleasure. In general, you really get high on sex for the 20-30th time. Before that, this moral satisfaction will be more than physical with Noida escorts.


  1. Take and practice dressing Escorts in Noida BEFORE you have this incident. You will look extremely stupid, if at the stage when you are about to pick a rose, you will not be able to properly pull the condom. Or you will do it for a long time. The first time, it’s like a concert before Stalin, I made a mistake – to be shot. This is the hundredth time with the same partner, you will not care how, what, when, where, under what circumstances. Saw in the first – you will remember it for a very long time.

  2. Those who think that two condoms protect better during sex with Independent Call Girls in Noida are mistaken. Firstly, you will not feel nichrome, and secondly, the probability of them breaking more, as they will rub against each other.

  3. Do not keep them in the cold. If you just came from the street in the winter and all this time they were in your pocket – warm them. The girl does not really like it if it includes a cold phallus. And you can understand it.

  4. Call girls in Noida believe that sex without a condom (when you are already very experienced) is safer than sex in it. At first, when you can not normally feel the arrival of an orgasm, without them nowhere. But in the future, it is better to pull out and cum out than to cum in a condom, not knowing if it has broken or not. They are torn quite often, one of the fifteen exactly break. Therefore, before completion, you should always monitor the state of the rubber product.


1) No way, don’t think do it on dry skin. Feelings do like neither you nor her. Spit on the fingers; wet the subject of your dreams. Or head. Abundantly so. The bigger, the better. The girl may not flow especially at the first time due to the excitement. And if you do not see moisture on her hum, you need to moisten. Inside is not so decided, but to enter the first time on the day will be very painful. Not only during the first sex but in general.

2) It happens that you just have an iron strut until you put on a condom. The main thing is not to panic. Just lie down, kiss the girl a couple of times. Everything will be back. Well, you have to be on the same psychologist, so that the girl did not notice anything.

3) In terms of posture, we can say that it is not necessary to try cancer and rider for the first time. It will hurt the girl. Best of all, if she just lay on her back and spread her legs and you on her. Just do not forget to lean on your hands, because you weigh a little more than a feather. Sharp in girl does not enter. We would know how to make bold, would make it stand out.

Enter sharply – a muscle cramp may occur and you will take a member out of it only after a couple of tens of minutes. All this time, you both will feel wild pain. If you did everything right, then with virginity girls will not have any special problems. The main thing is not to accelerate. Finishing the first 10-15 times will be very difficult. The first time, in general, can be an hour and a half or two without stopping and not to finish. But it is better not to rape the girl and in 20-25 minutes to burst into a huff and say that you were insanely good. It is a quick condom wash. Russian Escort services in Noida houses. From how well the girl was the first time, depends on a further number of times a week. You better.